Y4S a movement/stands: Youth’s resolutions to make India developed.

Youth for Swaraj

Y4S(Youth for Swaraj)  An initiative, build change in society

It is an intellectual and socio-political platform where masses of youth participate for the better future of youths and society.

It educates, enhances, and motivates youths to develop their leadership quality.It helps to develop personality, gets to know their rights,

Its goal is to inspire youths to discover passion and apply it to pursue their career.It believes the religion of love, language of heart and caste of humanity.

Its mission is to engage, inspire and empower youths to reach their full potential through education, make involve in several programs to lead the team, grooming and utilizing skills to take initiatives for the betterment of the country.

It’s vision is to see every student graduate high school, complete college or vocational school and become an effective member of society to fight corruption and solve disputes. It’s next vision every student get a quality education and no any girl being deprived of education.

Effective members as some of them are indispensable and significant of their functional as “Kumar Kanhaiya“(HOD English) A highly personified character full of motivation,encouragement and innovation “Pranav Prakash“(Engineer)full of self restraint,endurance,enlightened, knowledgeable “Sanjeev Jha“(social activist)Very strong and substantial person full of self assurance “Deepak Kumar“( Teacher )more dedicated, active,enthusiastic,passionate “Khushi”(Reporter) one lady army, amazing communication skill, her discernment, solidarity, unanimity just awesome. “Prabhash Chandra Sharma”(advocate)an RTI activist “Amit”(student)his open-mindedness, honour, morality, dedication just amazing”Mukul”(VP Bn college)he is diligent, loyal and hardworking Pintu, Swetanjali, Priyanshu, Radha, Gunjan, Ranvijay, Manisha, Navlesh, Vikash, Ravi, Chandan, Mehtab, Tej, Dhiraj,……. many more are prominent members full of energy and passion.


They raise their voice demand for equality and unity, work together for best India and always perceive, passionate, get ideas under the guidance of several intellectual take steps build change. They never silent over any mishap and crime and solve it legally through so-called Indian canon as learning tools of RTI and more. All enthusiastic youths give the girl a chance to lead the team over several agendas or work.

Their prominent agendas are following

  • They want to see clean and pollution free India for this, they work over cleanliness program with all members initially started from S.K. Puri Park to Boring Road Chauraha and continued over several places.
  • They take a class in slum areas and educate children for better future have been continuing for 6 months.
  • They always take out several rallies for people’s demand, need, maintain law and order, and make the government aware that they are awake, active and unite.

Some of the historical works that they did for awareness and they felt gratification

  • They donated more than 10 liters of blood to Mahavir Cancer Sansthan by organising a camp for a critical cancer patient.
  • They made a small ladies tent at LCT Ghat spiritually on Gangaa asnaan as mostly women victim to be evil eyes of some worst people.
  • They took out candle march for the martyr of URI attack and demanded strict action, and stop infiltration.
  • They distributed sweets and celebrated Diwali with slum peoples to make them feel united.
  • They celebrated their valentine with nature planting many trees and plants and aware people importance of trees and afforestation organising program in Gandhi Maidan with several experts.
  • They collected more than 40k for Bihar flood victims in only 4 days standing over several places with a donation box and distributed food packets and clothes to a needy person.

But among all initiative and program. MAKE INDIA MOLESTATION FREE is their big agenda for that they have been working since July 2015. Against eve-teasing and molestation, they united with more than 300 girls on 26 January demanding “stop eve teasing” and strong law against culprits. Earlier they went with more than 100 girls to meet honorable CM on 31st July 2015 to submit memorandum resistant to it and demand to women helpline number. But after several programs and really, they got beaurocracy support Robin hood of Patna MANU MAHARAJ. Meeting with ssp Manu Maharaj and his support being a member of their team always give them the courage to make women empower and to be feminism. His promise to sacrifice his own life for the betterment of girls is a blessing for the team. His quick action towards their call praises him many times. As they have posted, they circulated their own number 7061303234.

Their upcoming work excited to do to make available ladies toilet shortly at each and every government, private building and chaurahas a constructive decision to be hats off.

Sometimes it seems very hard to complete these task, but being a citizen of India Where we are more than 60 percent, we keep morale to change our nation.

Lastly, thank you Youth For Swaraj to make capable several girls to be a real hero, and thank you to all supporting members who keep their vision clear and polite and unstoppable towards a Unite India.

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